Diary of a Forgotten Goat

Diary of a Forgotten Goat is an NFL Network feature in recognition of Women's History Month, exploring the legacy, life, and career of one of the sport's overlooked greats, a pioneer for women in the game, and leader of the "winningest team in pro football history," the Toledo Troopers, Linda Jefferson.

Dir: Kayona Ebony Brown
Editor: Rosie Nakamura
Producer: Stephen Guinan
DP: Jon Hambacker
Produced by Siingle and HSC
Executive produced by: Shayna Hayes, NFL
Archival Producer: Malkia Lydia
AD: Lee
AC: Josh Tugjnyam
MUA: Sarah Bahlibi
Music: David Robidoux, Sam Spence, Ryan P. Scully, Martha Weber
Co-producer: Guy Stout